About Gwen


Gwendolyn Bridges is a teller of erotic tales. You can call her Gwen, because all her closest friends do.

Gwen specializes in erotic romance stories that feature headstrong women, often of the curvy variety, and mysterious, dominant alpha males. It’s a combination she enjoys — and she hopes her readers do too!

Gwen lives in Toronto, Ontario. By day, she’s a journalist covering all kinds of mundane topics. By night, she writes more exciting stories. At times in between, she’s into hanging out with her cats, cycling, a good pint of beer and, of course, being tied up and spanked. But don’t tell anyone else about that. 🙂

Gwen loves to hear from readers of her erotic stories. Get in touch with her at gwen@gwendolynbridges.com or on twitter at @gwen_bridges.

View all of Gwen’s published work on Amazon, or find her in the Kobo Store, the iTunes store, at Barnes & Noble or via Smashwords. Just search for “Gwendolyn Bridges.”

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