Billionaire, Beast (Transformation monster erotic romance)

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An erotic tale fit for Halloween! Billionaire, Beast is all about setting your passions loose and embracing the animal within.


Billionaire, Beast (transformation monster erotic romance)

By Gwendolyn Bridges

Geneticist Lilian Callahan thinks she’s signed up for a simple research project, but billionaire CEO Tate Mercer has a different job in mind for the young scientist — curing his rare genetic disorder that might end his life! But when Lilian’s experimental treatment turns her billionaire into a primal beast, does she have what it takes to satisfy her billionaire boss’ savage lust?

WARNING: This 5,400 word story includes scenes of furious beast sex with dubious consent, sweet billionaire erotic romance a beast-on-girl conclusion that shatters the billionaire’s bed!


She was completely powerless. The beast grunted and pulled her forward, loudly sniffing at her hair

In the fury of the moment, she tried to figure out what had happened. The treatment had reacted badly, but not in a way she ever would have expected. Mr. Mercer was still alive, but he was changed. Bigger, stronger, more powerful. Those glowing red eyes seemed to bore through her, straight to her soul.

But he had said her name. That must mean, she reasoned, that Mr. Mercer still existed within that bestial body. That he wasn’t subsumed completely.

Lilian did the only thing she could imagine doing, in that strange moment. She did the same thing Mr. Mercer had done countless times to reassure her when she felt her emotions creep up, when she was overtaken by doubt.

She reached out, and touched him.

His bare, hairy skin was still searing hot to the touch, but she resisted the urge to pull away. She pressed her hand deeper against his muscular chest.

The beast moaned and loosed his grip around her mouth, making it easier for her to breathe. Lilian gathered all her courage. She knew that she needed to take control. To work through this.

“Shh,” she whispered. “Mr. Mercer. You’re okay. You’re alive.”

He grunted and, with a mere flick of his wrist, tossed the scientist away, to the king size bed in the centre of the room. She lay there for a second, breathing heavy, before he pounced over top of her, his massive body eclipsing everything.

Perched on her, she could feel, but not see, the throbbing hardness of his member. With a low barking sound, he pressed himself down against her further and started pawing at her chest.

He doesn’t want to hurt me, she realized.

But then she thought about what he did want. She could barely acknowledge the truth to herself. But it was undeniable. This beast wanted to take her. To have her in a savage way. To dominate her fully.

He wanted her.

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